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 Flying from Varna Airport? First Take a Selfie and Play to Win! Click here to learn more.

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   +359 52 573 323
Lost and Found:
   +359 52 573 423
Doctor MD:
   +359 52 573 472
   +359 52 573 467
   +359 52 573 389
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Welcome to Varna Airport which is located at the Black Sea coast, just 8 km away from Varna – the summer capital of Bulgaria. It lies at the heart of a highly developed business community and in direct proximity to leading Bulgarian summer resorts.

 Recent News
1,366,000 Mln passengers serviced in Varna Airport’s new Terminal 2 since its opening in August 2013
One year ago, on 27.08.2013 Varna Airport started its full speed operations and servicing all passengers in the new Terminal 2. Since then, 1,366,000 passengers were serviced in the new Terminal
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Varna and Burgas Airports launch Selfie Shopper contest
Varna and Burgas Airports have launched a new digital Selfie Shopper campaign to entertain passengers while waiting for their flight and give them the chance to win an attractive prize
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Traveler from Germany is the millionth passenger at Varna Airport for 2014
On August 22nd at Varna Airport with flight of Bulgarian Air Charter from Munich landed the millionth passenger for 2014
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Fraport Twin Star organizes a competition for short animated film
The tenth edition of the World Festival of Animated Films (WFAF) will be held in Varna between 10 and 14 September
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Photos from Bulgaria welcome passengers at Varna Airport
The exhibition "Bulgaria an attractive tourist destination" which presents photographs by various natural and cultural attractions across the country is now at Varna Airport
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23 students joined the Internship Program of Fraport Twin Star Airport Management AD
23 young and ambitious students joined this year's Internship Program of Fraport Twin Star Airport Management AD, which is traditionally held during the summer
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Varna Airport welcomed Air Via’s 6,000,000 passenger
Varna airport welcomed Ms. Nina-Marie Schultz who arrived with a charter flight from Stuttgart at 16:25 on 24.07. together with her family. She was the 6,000,000 passenger of the Bulgarian airline Air Via from its establishment in 1990
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 Flight Information
Information last updated on: 31.08.2014 05:13 / Local time: 31.08.2014 05:13
30.08 23:30 Bulgarian Air Charter BUC6206 Dresden T2 23:13 Landed
30.08 23:40 Air VIA VIM652 Berlin Schoenefeld T2 23:26 Landed
30.08 23:55 Bulgarian Air Charter BUC6134 Berlin Tegel T2 23:46 Landed
30.08 23:59 Jetairfly JAF6203 Brussels T2 23:43 Landed
31.08 00:30 Bulgaria Air FB7740 Paris Charles de Gaulle T2 00:19 Landed
31.08 01:25 Royal Jordanian RJ6402 Amman Queen Alia T2 Cancelled
31.08 01:40 Bulgaria Air FB9452 Yerevan T2 02:35 Landed
31.08 03:25 Air Serbia JU132 Belgrade T2 02:52 Landed
31.08 06:40 SmartLynx Estonia MYX565 Tallinn T2 06:27 Approaching
31.08 07:20 Transaero Airlines UN9145 Moscow Domodedovo T2
31.08 08:00 Germanwings 4U5016 Cologne T2
31.08 09:50 SAS SK7211 Helsinki Vantaa T2
31.08 09:55 Air VIA VIM758 Frankfurt T2
31.08 10:35 Bulgarian Air Charter BUC7216 Frankfurt T2
31.08 11:05 Bulgarian Air Charter BUC7208 Dusseldorf T2
31.08 12:35 Austrian Airlines OS763 Vienna T2
31.08 13:45 Belavia BRU8115 Minsk T2
31.08 14:05 S7 / Siberia Airlines S7921 Moscow Domodedovo T2
31.08 14:30 Travel Service QS2916 Prague T2
31.08 14:30 Travel Service QS2918 Prague T2
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 Flight Information
Information last updated on: 31.08.2014 05:13 / Local time: 31.08.2014 05:13
31.08 00:55 Jetairfly JAF6204 Brussels T2 00:53 Departed
31.08 02:10 Royal Jordanian RJ6403 Amman Queen Alia T2 Cancelled
31.08 04:00 Air VIA VIM757 Frankfurt T2 04:04 Departed
31.08 04:40 Bulgarian Air Charter BUC7215 Frankfurt T2 04:53 Departed
31.08 04:45 Air Serbia JU133 Belgrade T2 04:44 Departed
31.08 04:55 Bulgarian Air Charter BUC7207 Dusseldorf T2 04:55 Departed
31.08 05:40 Bulgaria Air FB978 Sofia T2 Check-In
31.08 07:30 SmartLynx Estonia MYX566 Tallinn T2
31.08 07:50 Bulgaria Air FB8845 Antalya T2
31.08 08:20 Transaero Airlines UN9146 Moscow Domodedovo T2
31.08 08:35 Germanwings 4U5017 Cologne T2
31.08 10:50 SAS SK7212 Helsinki Vantaa T2
31.08 11:40 Bulgarian Air Charter BUC7567 Tel Aviv T2
31.08 11:50 Air VIA VIM755 Frankfurt T2
31.08 12:05 Bulgarian Air Charter BUC7229 Stuttgart T2
31.08 13:20 Bulgaria Air FB6615 Tel Aviv T2
31.08 13:30 Austrian Airlines OS764 Vienna T2
31.08 14:45 Belavia BRU8116 Minsk T2
31.08 15:00 S7 / Siberia Airlines S7922 Moscow Domodedovo T2
31.08 15:20 Travel Service QS2919 Prague T2
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